GrabCar officially welcome Ho Chi Minh city

On March 31st 2016, Grab company held a ceremony to launch the official GrabCar service – application order the car contract top electronic South-East Asia – at hotel Nikko Saigon with the theme “The step to the future movement”. Launching GrabCar aims expressed gratitude to the state agencies were in favor and support company in the construction and implementation of the project pilot electronic car contract GrabCar; gratitude passengers and drivers – who are directly building a new style of moving and shipping in Vietnam with GrabCar. Launching GrabCar is also the opportunity for company commit to advance the community about the improving user experience. With the principle of maximum transparency, and respect for the law, July 2015, Grab company has actively built and proposed to the Ministry of Transport (“MOT”) piloting scheme car electronic contract of GrabCar aims to create a legal corridor for a new kind of service. Received the approval in principle of The Prime minister, the Ministry of Transport has concretized the implementation of the piloting project by the Decision no. 24/QD-BGTVT date 07/01/2016 of The minister of transport issued a impletated plan pilot application of science and technology, supporting management, and connecting passenger transportation under the contract. The supporting and encouragement for the scheme application of information technology in the transport sector shows the determination of The Vietnamese government in improving the business environment, enhance competitiveness for businesses. The honored to be the first unit and is also unique to the present time is officially allowed to pilot; the Grab company took the initiative to work closely with the authorities to serious imply the conditions of the pilot. Company often reports the authorities at the central level and local about the progress of piloting implementation, actively fulfill tax obligations to the state. The desire to create a future moving taking people as the center, the values of Grab commitment will be the civilized, friendly, and safe. So, picture of the driver gentlemanly and humanistically is always inspired by Grab. We understand that in order to bring the best experience to consumers,it is neccesary to build a community driver which is civilized, professional, and cohesive. So, Grab was, is, and will continue to cooperate closely with the transport unit partners to always close companions, sharing sweet fleshy sharing, the same team driving both in work and in life. Last time, besides the training program constantly to help the drive to raise the expertise and provide a passenger service. The Grab has coordinated closely with the transportation unit partner organization the holidays gratitude driving the taxi app as well as GrabSchool program for children driving. Grab always spend the best effort in acknowledging and listening to the voice of the customer. Customer is not only “god”, but is also a co-creator, and service experiencee. The relationship between Grab – driver car – passenger is summarized by the slogan: “Share the journey – emotional connection”. The focus of the Grab for user experience was demonstrated by the improved non-stoply service to meet the needs of each customer group. Next time, Grab will deploy the friendly function with Business (GrabWork) and additional payment methods, credit card (GrabPay), besides the payment of cash to the user have more choice. The market entry of the Grab has pushed the process of change of the ecosystem around service transportation: state – consumer – service provider. State update frame legal to market healthy development and create environment for fair competition. Consumers change habits call car and play a role more active in improving the quality of services. The driver change methods of communicating with passengers, and culture service provider. The transport company changes the way executive in business and recognizes the personal role of the driver in the delivery of services. Grab believes that the cooperation and consensus of all parties in the ecosystem, this will certainly create positive changes in the field of transportation.